People Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

August 23, 2016

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This list is so fascinating to me.

I used to wonder how it was possible to have a great life if you couldn’t have a drink.

I think these people are doing just fine in the fun and great life department.

Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Hudson

Joe Maganeilleo

Blake Lively

Kim Kardashian

Christina Ricci

Kristin Davis

Kim Cattrall

Jada Pickett Smith

Tyra Banks

Tim McGraw

Rob Lowe

Ben Affleck

Toby Maguire


Keith Urban

Nelson Mandela

Eddie Murphy

Al Pacino

Sarah Silverman

Tim Tebow

John Travolta

Steve Jobs

Stephanie Meyer

Katy Perry

Warren Buffet

Donald Trump

Jim Carrey

Naomi Campbell

Dane Cook

Tom Cruise

Anthony Hopkins

Ice T

50 Cent

Samuel Jackson

Elton John

Stephen King

Jay Leno

David Letterman

Jared Leto

Phil McGraw

Wayne Dyer

Pema Chodron


Natalie Portman

Anna Quindlen

Shania Twain

Christiano Ronaldo

Brett Farve

Dennis Rodman

Charles Barkley

Robert Downey Jr.

David Beckham

Jennifer Lopez

James Franco


Chris Martin

Daniel Radcliffe

Bruce Willis

Mathew Perry

Colin Farrell

Eva Mendez

Tim McGraw

Gerald Butler

Kristen Johnson

Carrie Fisher

Eric Clapton

Jamie Lee Curtis

Demi Lovato